There's no cannabis oil extraction solution to meet current demand.

No current solution exists for high volume cannabis oil extraction and it’s too expensive for most producers to setup in-house; resulting in lost revenue.

Expected Oil market by 2019 : 77,000kg/month

Less than 1/3 of Licensed producers have the license required to produce and sell cannabis oil.

High Volume

No one else can match our production cannabis oil extraction capacity.

Expensive to DIY

Existing LPs do not want to spend the time and money required to become efficient at oil production.


This creates significant upside for those with the ability to capitalize on these market opportunities.

We are the only industrial scale botanical extraction company prepared to serve the medical and recreational cannabis markets in Canada.

We’re building the future of cannabis oil extraction


Extraction Technology
High Efficiency
Higher Volumes
Lower Costs
Proven Results

Direct Sales

Build awareness through industry events, conferences, exhibitions, trade magazines and engage potential customers with direct sales.

Established Network

Leverage our team’s established network of cannabis suppliers and producers for recreation, medical & dispensary markets.

Strategic Partnerships

We are forming strategic partnerships with industry partners to develop a stable and dynamic business model.