October 17, 2019 marked the expansion of the cannabis regulations in Canada allowing for concentrates, vapes, edibles and topicals. EnCann expects to receive its Standard Processor License in time for this market expansion and is poised to help cultivators and product manufacturers to take advantage of the coming shift in customer demand.

Bridging the Gap Between Seed and Sale

Applying engineering principles to the cannabis industry, EnCann is an emerging cannabis extraction and manufacturing solutions provider with a focus on  efficiency, integrity and quality. We ensure that the goals of your business are met. 

On opening, EnCann will have an extraction capacity of over 50,000kg/month and a flower packaging capacity of 1200kg/month.



Toll Extraction

EnCann’s extraction process is a proprietary, patent-pending ethanol system which will revolutionize the industry. By employing the newest technologies, EnCann is able to process cannabis and industrial hemp biomass at a volume unseen in Canada today. This system maintains oil integrity and terpene profile, creating a truly premium product.


EnCann is prepared to help with all your flower and oil packaging needs. With Health Canada compliant packaging and labeling solutions, we can help you to deliver your vision to your customers.

White labeling

Your oil or ours! EnCann anticipates having a full production line for gel capsules, vape cartridges and topicals.

CBD and THC Sales (APIs)

Need CBD or THC inputs? EnCann is currently offering large volume sales for the coming season. Available as bulk or finished products, we are able to fill orders from the smallest craft edibles manufacturer to the largest standard cultivators.

Biomass purchase and sale

Don’t have a use for your trim? We buy flower, trim and high CBD industrial hemp. If you are looking for anything specific, please let us know as we may be able to source it for you!

Other services

  • Milling and pelletizing
  • Drying
  • Consulting and research

For inquiries, please contact info@encann.ca


Photo by Pacific North Hemp, Canada