The Canadian Cannabis Industry is presenting an unrivaled opportunity for investors to see an impressive return on their investment and be part of an emerging market.
Scientist using dropper with oil extration to demonstrate to investors

For Investors

As an emerging market, the Canadian cannabis industry has been pioneering a new sector offering unique and lucrative opportunities for investors. New regulatory changes in the Cannabis space have opened the door for investors, and EnCann is offering a solution to both revolutionize the cannabis industry and bridge the gap from seed to sale.

Beginning with the seed, EnCann uses proprietary and patent pending technology to offer high volume cannabis extraction. This high yield process is highly effective and will substantially lower processing costs. Our small operational footprint and our extensive background as cannabis experts allow us to reimagine the Canadian cannabis framework.

Every aspect of EnCann’s oil production is subject to Health Canada’s regulations and satisfies the requirements of quality testing in a controlled environment. We offer a clean and secure pharmaceutical grade facility where all products are carefully tracked. Together we can build the future of cannabis oil extraction.

EnCann’s extraction process will

Revolutionize the Cannabis Industry

By employing the newest technologies, EnCann is able to process cannabis and industrial hemp biomass at industrial scale, all while maintaining a top-quality product. The company is focused on becoming a premier service provider to Canadian hemp cultivators, cannabis cultivators and edibles and other specialty manufacturers.

As consumers become more educated, providing an expanded product range including capsules, topicals, unique oral release profiles and nanoemulsions will become key for Standard and Micro Cultivators to remain competitive and to maintain their profit margins. Through our white labelling services, EnCann will allow cultivators to provide an expanded product line.

At this time, we are looking for investors to help us to advance our vision of driving growth and fostering excellence in the cannabis industry. EnCann offers a unique opportunity to invest in a market which is seeing unprecedented growth, a privately held company focused on creating profit and in an established team of cannabis industry experts.

EnCann Solutions extraction oil for investors

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