An EnCann Christmas Story


An electrical engineer, a mechanical engineer, and a banker walk into a warehouse.

They sit down, make a pot of coffee, and discuss the plan for the day.

In short order, they get to work. Sometimes they work in silence, sometimes talking, laughing, or cursing.

At lunch, a question gets asked: “I wonder how many other executive and founding teams can say they built their facility with their own hands, piece by piece?”

A reply comes: “Probably a few, at least. Whoever they are, I would love to sit down with them sometime.”

They get back to work, and frame in some doors, and put up some more walls.

At the end of the day, the email inboxes await.

– – – –

We’ve been quiet for a long time.

2020 has been what it has been for all of us. We’re still moving forward, day by day and piece by piece.

Happy holidays from us to you. We hope your 2021 is better than however your 2020 has been.

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