EnCann Longform Technical Extraction Presentation

Settle in and get cozy as we sit down with EnCann’s CEO and CTO, Lincoln Johnson, to take a deep dive into extraction processes through his critical lens. We’ll get into the finer details when comparing a traditional, high-efficiency cryo-ethanol extraction system to EnCann’s patent-pending, proprietary solvent blend system. Johnson will guide us step-vy-step through applying the solvent, to extraction steps, solvent recovery, to post-processing. He will follow that up by going into the math and intricate details around the process parameters, focusing on energy consumption used in both systems to assess the inherent advantages and disadvantages. 

Check out our energy calculator at https://encann.ca/calculations/energy/.

If you want to learn more about EnCann, check out our website at https://encann.ca/, where you can discover more of our industry insights, and how to get in touch with us.

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