EnCann Solutions Announces Receipt of Health Canada Processing Licence

On July 16, 2021, Health Canada issued a Standard Processing licence under the Cannabis Regulations to EnCann Solutions Inc. The Standard Processing Licence will allow EnCann to process bulk hemp and cannabis to create and sell derivative products through various commercial arrangements.

EnCann’s processing facility is located in Kelowna, British Columbia. A state-of-the-art proprietary extraction system – designed and built in-house by EnCann’s team of engineers – is the centrepiece of this 16,500 square foot facility.

“We are excited to achieve this significant milestone for EnCann. Our team has worked incredibly hard on this project over the last couple of years,” said Lincoln Johnson, CEO/CTO of EnCann. “We look forward to commissioning and operationalizing our industrial-scale extraction system and bringing cost-effective high purity commodity cannabinoid ingredients to the market. Our system allows excessively efficient production of high-purity APIs and ingredients for CPG products from dried or field-fresh wet biomass. As a private company, we are laser-focused on revenue and strong, profitable growth – not public market quarterly reporting. We are prepared to withstand substantial wholesale and retail price compression and look forward to showing the world what a well-engineered extraction system can do.”

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