Packaging Equipment Arrival

EnCann is pleased to announce the arrival of their custom designed packaging equipment to their first location in Kelowna, BC.

This packaging line is fully automated with a top of the line Ishida weighing head, weight double checking system and nitrogen purge. Packaging services will include Health Canada compliant bagging of 3.5g, 7g and 14g cannabis flower units. This system has shown 100% compliance with Health Canada’s 5% weight variance on testing and preserves the flower’s structure by avoiding rough handling using tried and tested technologies from the food and pharmaceutical industries.

On licensing, EnCann will be able to quickly and accurately package up to 100 tons of flower per year for both Standard and Micro Cultivators.
The completion and arrival of this system is a milestone in EnCann’s development of efficient, cost effective solutions for the cannabis industry. In addition, EnCann will provide toll extraction, white labeling and formulations services to cannabis and hemp cultivators, edibles manufacturers and both medical and recreational cannabis brands.
EnCann Solutions is a Standard Processor applicant filling a vital gap in the cannabis market as an industrial-scale cannabis and hemp processing company prepared to service the growing needs of the Canadian cannabis markets.

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